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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD17020108063972 Submitted: 01 February 2017 Modified: 22 August 2019

Reflexivity: A mainstay in promoting rigor and trustworthiness in qualitative research.

Pamela van der Riet

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Qualitative researchers work on very complex and rich stories of their research participants. In order to develop understandings of these stories they probe and tease out the abstract threads of peoples' lives. My paper to you is about my own experience in promoting rigour and trustworthiness in qualitative research. I will make the point that the inclusion of reflexivity is central to promoting rigour and trustworthiness when conducting qualitative research studies that are investigating meaning and practice within personal and professional life stories. I will provide examples from my own research to illustrate how I work as a reflexive researcher and promote this important concept amongst the higher degree students I supervise. Furthermore, I will show from a poststructural perspective how a subjective approach can be turned into an opportunity to enrich research studies.

Researchers need to pay attention to their position as a researcher and reflexivity is one aspect that must be considered. This paper will provide insights into how best to promote reflexivity and will also address some of the challenges researchers might experience in their research journey.

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Nursing
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December 2012
Special edition
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